Meet Our Newest Staff Member

Lakeside Pharmacy would like to welcome our newest staff member,Kyle Maxwell,PharmD

Kyle Maxwell is a Doctor of Pharmacy who prides himself on his interpersonal skills and love
for community pharmacy. Hailing from Boston, MA where he earned his doctorate at the
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, the second oldest institute for pharmacy education, Kyle
moved to Vermont to pursue his passions. Apart from the love of his profession, Kyle enjoys
the great outdoors: hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, snowboarding. When Kyle is not
working, he will surely be outdoors doing something, usually along side his wife Michayla and
his dog.
Kyle worked for several years at the Rite Aid in downtown Burlington, Vermont where he
started his career upon commencement. Kyle is quite knowledgeable in all things pharmacy
whether it be over the counter medicine, diet and exercise, or questions about insurance Kyle
will be there for you and your family. Kyle is a certified immunizer, so whether you need an
annual flu shot or are not sure which vaccines you need updating, Kyle will be there for you and
family. Stop on by the pharmacy to say hello to our newest team member, and you will surely
be greeted with a smile!

Last Updated: 12/4/2017